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Purpose-built for recurring revenue companies, GamePoint is the subscription management and billing platform that drives transformational growth.

July 24, 2021 by David Ewing

Here’s the Next Big Software Membership Management for Athletes and Trainers

Are you an athlete, trainer, or just a fitness enthusiast who likes to share their wealth of knowledge with the world? If yes, then why not turn it into a subscription-based business. 

Most fitness content creators start off with social media like Instagram or Facebook. However, making money from it can require a lot of hard work and patience. Plus, you’re amongst thousands of other accounts, which impacts the exposure to your posts. 

A subscription-based platform can change all that. You have people who want to hear and see you, and they get direct access to all the content you create. The technical term for this is software membership management. 

Today, we’ll talk about the best subscription membership software for all kinds of fitness-related creators: GamePoint

What is GamePoint?

GamePoint is a free membership website builder (also a mobile app) that provides fitness instructors, athletes, coaches, wellness enthusiasts, and general fitness content creators to create and deliver content to paid subscribers. 

It’s essentially a software membership management tool that anyone in the fitness realm can use for free to create their website and profile on the GamePoint mobile app. For fans, it’s a chance to get ad-free content from some of the best people in fitness that they love and trust. 

Similar to other subscription platforms like Patreon or Kajabi, GamePoint also runs on paid subscriptions where you pay a commission on every subscription. However, GamePoint has proven to be a lot more convenient in comparison with some of the other popular subscription platforms. 

More importantly, platforms like Patreon have no particular niche. GamePoint, on the other hand, is all about health and fitness. It’s created by fitness enthusiasts who understand the importance of fitness. 

Who is it For?

GamePoint is a subscription software designed exclusively for athletes and fitness trainers. Now, these terms don’t limit the platform to just those playing sports or running gyms. In fact, anyone related to the fitness world can join and make money. 

If you’re any of the following, GamePoint is for you:

  • Fitness instructor/trainer

  • Celebrity trainer

  • Sports coach

  • Fitness nutritionist

  • Yoga instructor

  • Fitness enthusiast

How Does it Work?

Joining GamePoint is free and super easy. You sign up and create an account. You also create your profile, defining who you are and what you offer. 

When signing up, you’ll be asked how you want to get paid. Correspondingly, you’ll also need to set up a subscription price. After that, you’re all set to start posting content. 

Know that the content you post is all yours. 

Creating the account is free. You only pay when you actually get subscribers. For each subscription, you take home 80% of the price after deducting the credit card processing fee. So GamePoint’s commission is just 20%. 

What Can You Post on GamePoint?

Well, that mainly depends on who you are. For instance, if you’re a trainer, you’d want to publish workout videos or training routines. For those focusing on nutrition, meal plans and recipes would be the go-to option for content. 

You’re at liberty to choose the type of content you want to post for your subscribers. Luckily, the platform provides easy tools to make the best of it when it comes to content. 

If you want to create long videos, you can even post those. If you want to post written recipes or guides, you can even add those. There’s even an option to link your Spotify playlists to give your fans some musical inspiration. 

The templates are social-media friendly, so the content you post can be repurposed for social media to promote yourself and your business. 

In addition to all the content, it also provides a messaging service where you can directly talk to your subscribers. This can be great for one-on-one engagement. 

Benefits of GamePoint

Now, why is GamePoint the right option for you? There are a number of benefits:

  • Free Tools: It’s a free membership website builder with a mobile app as well. You have everything you need to create some stellar content and interact with your subscribers. It all comes down to content quality, and with the right technology, you can make it better. 

  • Easy to Use: Most subscription software membership management tools are a little tricky for beginners. That’s not the case with GamePoint, as it’s incredibly user-friendly. 

  • Customer Support: Unlike any other subscription membership software, GamePoint provides around-the-clock customer support. If you run into any technical difficulties, you can contact them via live chat. 

  • Exclusively for Fitness Content: Since the platform is solely focused on fitness content and creators, everything is pivoted towards that sort of content. That gives it an edge over other platforms that are for everyone. 

  • Quick Payout: Whether you want to turn into a full-time business or keep it as a side-hustle, your subscription money will be in your bank quickly. There are no weeks or month-long wait times for payouts. 

How to Get Subscribers/Fans on GamePoint?

GamePoint is just for managing subscriptions and content. It’s not really a promotional platform. For growing your subscription business over at GamePoint, you’ll need a strong following on social media. 

You can link your social media accounts to GamePoint, including the info in bio as well as in your daily or weekly posts. When your social media followers want more personalized content from you, they can subscribe. 

This means all the marketing and promotional work will take place on social media. So you’ll need to work on that. Even if you have a few hundred followers, it’s enough to get some paid subscriptions. 

Wrap Up

GamePoint is changing the game of subscription and content sharing for people in the fitness world. It gives a great opportunity to share your expertise with your fans and followers while also making money. For subscribers, it’s a great opportunity to interact and get quality content from the people they truly admire. 

The software is easy to use as it’s available as a website as well as a mobile app. You can manage everything on the go with the GamePoint mobile app. 


David Ewing

GamePoint, Founder & CEO