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What is Money Match?

GamePoint’s Money Match cloud-based platform lets athletes add funds, select an opponent for one-on-one or team play to compete and upon winning a game they can collect money, enabling athletes to play and win real money prizes.

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How it works?

Quick setup to play against your friends or other players for real money. We make it easy to make a living playing sports. At any level.

1. Quick Sign-up
Sign-up for an account or download and register with the Gamepoint Money Match App
2. Secure Deposit
Deposit funds into your wallet.
3. Find Competitor
Search for a specific player, team or game and pick game type.
4. Live Stream Game
Live stream game and subscribers can watch, share, comment and score during the game.
5. Win Money
After your game ends GamePoint automatically awards prize money to winning player(s).


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